Magento Framework And Why It Is Preferred?

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Most of the eCommerce websites are made of the Magento framework, and it is considered as one of the most useful and developer friendly eCommerce frameworks nowadays. Magento has some exceptional features that help developers to develop eCommerce websites that are high in functioning and feature-rich and comprehensive. There are many reasons Magento framework is preferred over other frameworks available in the market.

Here is a list of reasons why developers prefer Magento framework over others.

  • User experience enriching:

Customization is the key in today’s era, and it is considered as one of the focal points when it comes to eCommerce off shore development. If developers are looking for a framework that is highly comprehensive and offers superior customization, Magento is the name they should remember. Magento offers exceptional tailored and end to end customization as per the business needs of the clients. Features like back end, dashboard, inventory management will make sure that users have some excellent time on the site. It enhances the user experience as all these websites are completely user-friendly and accessible.

  • Open Source:

Magento is free, and it is something that offers developers ease and comfort that they are looking for. All they need to do is to download the community edition and customize them as per the business requirements. Also, if the developer wants to change some features, he can do it by changing the source code, and that is all. With the help of the Magento framework, difficult features and applications can be installed in a more meaningful and easy manner and that too in no time. also, developers will get online support from the community in times of difficulties and troubleshooting.

  • New features:

If developers are looking for an advanced version of the Magento framework, the Magento enterprise edition is there with tools like Google Tag Manager, mobile app toolkit, conversion rates manager and much more. In this edition, the server response is too good and it will decrease the loading time of the website. For a bit complicated eCommerce businesses, this framework is the perfect one.

  • User interface:

All the users who want to go for online shopping are looking for attractive yet simple website design and user-friendly functionalities. If the website is confusing and complex, they will move on to someone else’s website, and you cannot really blame them. Magento offers visually appealing websites that look awesome and viable. Visitors would simply love the framework and design, and they will visit them more often.

  • Different platform integration:

With Magento, the platform integration is safe, secure and without any hassles. If the website owner wants to add the third party apps to the website, it can be done without paying anything. Whether a developer wants to add features like shipping, tracking and payment options, it will be done without any issues. A developer will be able to do it by only adding ready-made apps. On mobile platforms, the website runs perfectly and accurately.

Magento is one of the best frameworks for website developers and for the same reason the popularity of  Magento eCommerce Development is on rise.



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