How To Manage Magento Theme From Scratch?

b1_How To Manage Magento Theme From Scratch.png

There are many offshore Magento theme companies which are outsourcing in the world. Magento themes are stored in design packages. Every package may have multiple themes.

When the user may install Magento, there are three packages are available.

  • Base Package:

The default Magento theme with all the essential work files is located in here. Indeed not, always delete or run Base packages files.

  • Default Package:

CE edition of Magento contains this package. This may be may be restored while upgrading Magento and removed safely from the package while installation.

  • RWD:

It is the innovative package which covers fresh open Magento theme. Magento has two main binders in association with each other.

  • App Directory –

    Which covers files and that controls how prototype pages are reduced.

  • Skin Directory-

    It covers records which control site’s presence.

  • Template Files-

    The layout file as XML files which describe and control essential and content blocks of the theme. The template folder contains the markup for each Magento blocks which are displayed in the front-end.

  • Skin Files-

    Skin files have the whole thing such as CSS, images, js, Sass, etc. Do evoke the package and the theme names essential to be same in both the design and skin files.

  • Period to Make the Theme:

Firstly, make a new design package in ‘design’ and ‘skin’ folders. In the design package, make a new folder for the theme and name it. Now make two new folders in the theme folder namely ‘layout’ and ‘template’. In skin folder, open the theme folder and make these folders- CSS, js, and images. Now make ‘local.xml’ and place it in the ‘layout’ folder.

  • Preliminary with the Theme:

Now tell Magento which package and theme are default one for this, go to System> configuration> design.

Tell Magento which package will be used. The user may see overhead; resources may be used for various things. Prototypes may be named from one theme, skin files from other. Paste the theme name in all the fields excluding ‘default’ one. Magento fallback system helps to edit the theme without duplicating unchanged files.

Magento has many minor blocks which are reduced and mutual to be assisted. If any of these files are missing, the user will get an error, and the site will be broken. It looks for files in the theme folder If finds it, outputs display other custom design package, and even if it doesn’t find it there, then it searches package and looks for it anywhere then Magento generates an error.

It enables to upgrade the themes without the need to merge in the number of changes it will enable to do perform custom layout changes, as they are centralized and will enable the Magneto developers to easily change the theme elements. Offshore companies are easily outsourcing the ideas across the world.



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